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I come from a very large family,  I am the oldest female of 10 siblings to be exact and the 3rd oldest which meant that I had 7 younger brothers and sisters to help look after. My father is Italian and My mother is Peruvian, and their passion was to travel the world and along with them we all went. Just to name a few of the places I was lucky enough to see as a young girl was Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, India and of course Italy was home. I learned how to eat a vast variety of food and fell in love with everyone of them.

My name is Cristina and being born in such a large family I started helping my mother at a very young age, anywhere from taking care of my siblings, to cleaning, to ironing  and cooking.

Cooking. Now here is where I found true satisfaction. I was able to learn all types of cuisine, and concoct with what ingredients I had in the house. It always seemed that I could invent something and then that would become my signature dish, or to be made again by request of everyone, it made me happy and I knew from this moment that I would always find true joy and happiness in the kitchen.

My oldest brother had moved to the United States and I went to visit him when I was 19, here is where I would meet my husband Terry and got married a year later. This is where it all came to life, not only was I a food lover but I was also starting to become a women and I did not want to get complacent I wanted to be a beautiful wife that cooked delicious food but also stayed in excellent shape. I refused to be otherwise. So I made my husband fall in love with all the healthy foods I ate and I learned how to be able to indulge in all the foods he loved, I told myself that I wanted to enjoy all the foods in life with my husband, I just managed to stay in great shape all along and not through extreme dieting or exercise but through balance.

You know what I mean, you have someone to cook for every day, you start hosting dinner parties, you start going to dinner parties, events, friends, vacation, etc…. and you know that you are going to be eating more than you had planned or you don’t really know what is on the menu but you are going to partake in all deliciousness, besides what fun is there if you don’t eat; as a food lover it’s hard to not eat especially when in company.

People are always surprised at the fact that I eat so much. They enjoy the food  I cook and they want to replicate the recipes. I did not go to culinary school, I am no chef or professional in the kitchen. But I have an obsession more of a passion with inventing, experimenting, tasting, reinventing, and cooking food. I figured that it’s no secret to the variety of dishes one can create in the kitchen and why keep them all to myself, I want to share it with you and hope that you too can cook a delicious meal at home for yourself, your husband, your boyfriend, your friends and family.  Food brings people together and is a great part of our social and private life, it warms the heart and the house.Please enjoy and remember that cooking is fun and anyone can do it. If I can you can too!!!

P.S. My husband and I moved to Italy and things are going great, it’s nice to be able to explore my homeland with him, we are so passionate about food, wine, and life that I am having a blast being able to show him were I come from, I hope I can show you some of the local food and recipes also.


191 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Congrats Cri: this is already an inspiration to many, Keep it up!!

    “A full tummy, makes a happy heart” (more so if the food is been selected with so much care.)

    • You are the one that inspired and taught me how to cook at such a young age, and for that I thank you! I love you Mom.

  2. Congratulations Cris, your Bio was great! I know now where all your inspiration and love of food and life comes from!!!!

    • Thanks so much Sharron. It’s easier to have someone by your side that inspires you to always do better and your Son does just that.

  3. I am glad you found my blog, because now I can read yours! I can truly hear your passion for food in your bio. I look forward to reading your posts and recipes. I love Italian food! Been to Italy three times and the food was just phenomenal. Also, when I lived in Germany, I frequently dined at Italian Ristorantes and Pizzerias, which, by the way, were always run by “real” Italians. Great blog. Keep up the good work, and congratulations and my best wishes on your pregnancy. What a beautiful couple you and your hubby are! The baby will be a total looker!

    • Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting mythineats. I appreciate the support. Thanks also for the compliments and I hope that you enjoy the recipes and the blog.

  4. Ciao Cristina! Mi piace tanto il tuo blog, in particolare il concetto! Anch’io penso che sia importante mangiare bene, essere felici, ma rimanere in forma. Non vedo l’ora di leggere più i tuoi post! Gabriella 🙂

    • Ciao Gabriella,
      Ti ringrazio del complimento! Spero che ti piacciano le ricette e ovviamente il blog. Grazie per esserti fermata a leggere il mio blog. Il tuo blog e anche molto interessante e ti seguiro anch’io. A presto Cristina

  5. Hello. Thank you for dropping by my blog. I can tell that your posts have been written with utmost passion for food and love for life. I’ve started cooking just two years ago out of obsession for pasta. Since then, I’ve brought my own recipes to life. I just can’t stop now. Will be regularly reading your posts then! Thanks again.

    • Hi, seems like we both have something in common….we love to cook! It’s nice to be able to love the flavor of food enough to know how to create a dish just out of what you have in the house or what you get inspired by at the grocery store; without having someone tell you what would taste good together your palate just knows. Thanks for following me and I hope that I can inspire you to continue being creative.

    • Thank you so much for the compliments. I’ll have to check out the site and see what recipe to submit.
      In the meantime thank you for stopping by mythineats.

  6. Congratulations, Christina…

    I love ‘mythineats’! You are so talented, creative, and enthusiastic…you make cooking and eating more fun!

    Congratulations to you and Bruiser (oops, Terry!) on your upcoming baby. We are so happy for both of you. Hugs all around!

    ~ Love, Deedee 🙂

    • Thank you so much Deedee for you support on mythineats. Terry always said that I should do something like this and I finally mustered up the courage to do it, I like food but more than anything the satisfaction of being able to make a delicious meal is so rewarding, and it makes the whole eating experience so fun and enjoyable!

      Thanks also for the congrats on the baby, we are so happy and are looking forward to his arrival.
      I hope that you guys are good. Have a wonderful day.

      Sincerely, Cristina

    • Thank you very much for the compliments. I do have a couple indulgent dishes I love from the south especially good fried chicken. I used to eat that on very rare occasion but it was a must for a cheat day I love it!!! 😉 thanks for stopping by mythineats

    • Yes, I don’t think that eating is bad, but what we and how we eat. Thanks for the award, This is the second award and I a still trying to figure out who to award it too. Thanks for stopping by mythineats.

  7. Wow! Thank you for liking my post so that I would be brought to your BRILLIANT site! What a great idea! I can’t wait to try many of these wonderful dishes and continue to peruse. Your “about” section is beautifully written and inspiring! I too love to eat A LOT of good food, but have thankfully found balance to maintain a healthy physique as well!! 🙂 I appreciate your honesty. Congratulations on doing something great!

    • Well, Thanks for the compliments! It means alot to me for people to appreciate this blog, it’s about being able to inspire and help people in the kitchen. People to tend to sometimes not like to cook if they have to make something healthy….I guess they feel like the fun gets taken out of it; but the truth is that it makes it that much more challenging and fun to be able to present a delicious dish that is healthy and it’s so much more simple to cook because it calls for less ingredients.
      Thanks for stopping by Mythineats and for your support and input. Have a wonderful day.

    • Wow, Thank you so much for the wonderful words and compliments. It does make me happy to hear that you like it. I hope that you like the recipes and enjoy them. Thanks for stopping by mythineats and for the support. Have a nice day!

    • Yes, I think we all secretly would like to be healthy and eat at the same time, but with all these diets and substitutions out there we sometimes forget how to enjoy the everyday ingredients and that is what I want this blog to be about. I love following the 80/20 rule, you eat healthy 80% of the time and then allow yourself to indulge 20% of the time. This way you don’t feel deprived and always have something to look forward too.

    • Well, Thank you for visiting my blog as well. I’m glad that you enjoyed your stay in Italy and had a great time. Food is the best in the world I do have to agree with that, it’s so varied, it’s not just all Pizza and Pasta. Italians do know about nutrition and you can pretty much walk into any restaurant without fearing that you won’t be able to eat something healthy because they always have lots and lots of healthy foods on the menu. I would say that the majority are healthy and then a few really indulgent!

  8. So glad you came by my blog and ‘introduced’ yourself so I would find your blog too–really wonderful from the look of things. I’ll enjoy seeing what you do here! I love your attitude and know that, with that approach, you’ll have a lot to offer here.

    • Thanks for the compliment on my blog. I am really grateful to find that people love it and find it interesting and inspiring. Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by Mythineats

      • Hello Cristina I have been following your blog for awhile and have ‘liked’ some of your posts. I wondered if you would be interested in a link exchange on our blogs?

        Kind regards, Russell

  9. Hi, just wanted to stop and and say thank you for stopping by our blog and hitting the “Like” button for “Melo Monday.” We’ll be following you to see what you’re up to!!

  10. Hi, thanks for reading my blog! I love the theme of yours, as I can totally relate to loving food and the culture behind it, loving to cook for my hubby and others, yet also wanting to stay in good shape!

    • Thanks, I think it is a common ground for alot of women to want to satisfy and enjoy life and food with friends, family, boyfriends and husbands, without having to feel left out because of dieting. If we know how and what to eat you can always enjoy it!! Thanks for stopping by mythineats

  11. You have an amazing blog! I’m definitely going to share it on my twtter and FB page. Thanks for all the info…so helpful.

    • Well Thank you! I appreciate the support and the fact that you like it. Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by Mythineats

  12. hello Christina, I stumbled onto your blog after you visited mine…and I am so glad that I came here. what a alovely blog you have going on here. I am definately coming back…especially to get your meatless monday recipes…they are lovely !

    • Well Thank you! I am glad that you stopped by and liked my blog. I have a lot of pure Vegetarian dishes throughout the week so stop by anytime and be surprised by the variety of delicious meatless meals.
      Have a great day!

    • I am glad that you like it and that it’s useful….that is exactly what I want it to be.
      Thanks for stopping by mythineats

  13. Hey, what is your email address? I’d love to get in touch with you about swapping guest posts for each other! Our sites talk about a lot of similar topics!

    • mythineats @gmail.com
      However, I’ve been trying to get to your blog and for some reason it sends me to a traveling site?

  14. Beautiful blog Cristina. Love its simplicity and great adivce! Also, thank you so much for your like of my 5 Healthy Snacks post on blog “The Blue Collared Woman”. Looks like we share an interest in understanding the nutritional value of what we eat and not depriving ourselves of the foods we love! Keep spreading the word that skinny people do eat, we just eat smart!

    • Thanks! I appreciate the fact that you like my blog, it comes from the heart and what I truly believe in, so it’s nice to know how much people are relating to it and finding it helpful. Eating smart is the secret.
      Thanks for stopping by Mythineats

  15. I love this philosophy! You and your husband look so happy. I can’t wait to read more about Italy and your delicious cooking! 🙂

    • Thanks for liking the philosophy of my blog and for the compliments about my Husband and I. I hope that I can continue to keep you intrigued with my cooking and Italy. Thank you so much for your support and for stopping by Mythineats

  16. Thanks so much! Love this blog…. esp this statement “…I wanted to be a beautiful wife that cooked delicious food but also stayed in excellent shape. I refused to be otherwise.” That’s my mission as well. Love it! xoxo

    • You’re so welcome! And Thank you for stopping by mythineats. I think that being on your own is easier to decide when, how and if you eat; but when you are married it’s not like you both eat on your own at different times of the day ( well maybe some people do). For me it was an important and still is an important part of our lives, that’s when catch up from the day and I live cooking, so trying to cook things that he likes while trying to watch my figure was the best challenge ever and I totally made it work and now we both love the same healthy foods and eating has become a true pleasure not a displeasure. And we both are in great shape (even with me pregnant at the moment). Ha!

    • Thanks for the compliments and for stopping by Mythineats. I hope that you enjoy the recipes and many more to come.

    • Thank you! It means alot to me that I can inspire people and show my passion in this blog. Thanks for your support and for stopping by Mythineats

  17. Great site, and great philosophy. Loving food is about taste, discovery, sharing and the process of doing it – not weight gain. You have some beautiful recipes and such vast experience, I really like what you’ve got going on here.

    • Thank you very much for the support and the approval. It’s always inspiring to have people that share and appreciate your values and points of view.

  18. Fabulous blog Christina! I love a skinny recipe as much as you do and later on today I will be posting an article that I think your readers will love. It’s a skinny ingredient that not many people know about. Would you be interested in letting me guest blog this post on your site? If not, would you post a link on your homepage to my post?
    Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

  19. Hi Cristina, thank you for visiting and liking my post. I’m 1000% with your motto. Who said we can’t be in shape and eat delicious foods? Love your blog, love your Italian food and of course love your way to not gain weight. Happy blogging 🙂

    • Well, seems like we have a lot in common. Food is not the enemy as long as we are aware of how and what we eat. Thanks for your support & for stopping by mythineats

  20. Hi Cristina!
    Thanks for liking my Smoky Chili post! I love food bloggers! Maybe we can meet up when I come to Italy! Don’t know when that’s going to be yet but that would be fun to eat together!
    Thanks for stopping by~

    • Sure, it looked great. Well, if you ever come to Italy let me know…you never know in life!
      Thanks for your support and for stopping by Mythineats

    • Thanks, I love food but I also love to be in shape, so we have to learn how to enjoy both and it’s not that hard once you form healthy habits. Thanks for stopping by Mythineats

  21. I love your story and approach to eating! I’m a chef (specializing in pastry) and I absolutely REFUSE to be the “fat chef” stereotype! Food is my passion & my pleasure… but I won’t let it be a vice like so many people in the US tend to do. While living in Italy, I too learned that the only way to make it work is through balance… healthy living with a little pop of indulgence here & there. Look forward to seeing more of your blog!

    • Well thank you very much, I am glad that you can relate to me and like this blog. I know what you mean, about being stereotyped into being fat or not a good chef because you are thin. Life is balance, you don’t have to eat as if it where your last meal, indulge but without overdoing it.
      Thanks for stopping by mythineats

    • Thank you Christina that was really nice of you. Yes, my recipes are all generally for 2 sometimes for a little leftovers as well but I really only cook for 2 so glad that you like that.

      Thanks for the support and for stopping by Mythineats

    • I hope that you are able to find alot of good information and great recipes as well.

      Thanks for stopping by mythineats

    • Thank you so much. I appreciate it and am very happy that you have enjoyed my blog and all the support.

      Have a wonderful Sunday!

  22. What a wonderful blog you have! Love your style!
    And thanks for liking my little blog, appreciate it! Have a great day!

  23. Thanks for visiting my blog! Especially since now I can check out yours 🙂
    Your writing seems lovely and I can’t wait to read more!

    • Thanks. I hope that you are able to find recipes that you enjoy eating and making.

      Thanks for stopping by mythineats

  24. You’ve been kind enough to visit my blogging “home” and I’ve come to return the favor. I like what little I’ve seen of your “home” thus far and can’t wait to delve a little deeper. I’m sure you can teach me a few things…. John

    • Thanks so much for stopping by mythineats. I am so glad that you like my blog and that you are looking forward to learning some stuff from what I write. I strive to make that happen for everyone that stops by!!!


  25. Thank you for liking one of my posts.
    I’m glad you did..because it has allowed me to be able to explore your website..
    I’ve been reading your posts..and I’m really enjoying them!
    From a young age..my parents found that I had allergies to dairy products..so now..whenever I cook..I substitute dairy for my soya or replacements. Growing up..my mother had to accommodate my allergies..so instead of her cooking something different for me and something different for everyone else..she cooked the same thing for all of us. Growing up with allergies..I wasn’t allowed to eat out or attend Food Tech classes..for fear that I would go into anaphylactic shock due to the nature of my allergies..and it was out of pure curiosity that I started cooking at home..experimenting with different foods using my family as guinea pigs (*he he*) and learning a lot about foods in the process.
    I grew up snacking on fruit (apples being my favourite as you’ve probably already guessed!) and nuts..with high levels of greens in daily diets! Whenever I cooked for people in the past (and that still continues now) I have to substitute ingredients..and most of the time they never notice..not until I tell them..if I’m feeling like it..*he he*..most people make a big deal about not liking something without having tried it..so I do it to prove a point 😛
    I’m so glad again that you came across my site and I in turn had a chance to come across yours! I think eating healthy and maintaining a healthy body shouldn’t have to be a chore..it should be a lifestyle..and I love the fact that you’ve made your blog appealing in the way you talk about food and things being good..but control with what you eat being key!
    I’m looking forward to more posts!
    Oh..and on a random side note..you guys are absolutely beautiful!
    And I apologise for the essay 🙂

    • Thanks for the compliments, I really do appreciate them.
      I love the fact that your parents decided to make pretty much everything for the family dairy-free and they incorporated you in the food decisions instead of excluding you and making things on the side for you. I feel that we can all incorporate things in our lives especially when we have a food allergy or find an intolerence to something we can just substitute it really is no big deal.
      I also grew up snacking on apples and really healthy things, no sodas, boxed cereals, candies, sweets, treats, or anything that wasn’t homemade or whole. I do like that though because it has helped me now with the decisions that I make in my everyday life and my figure and teeth are thankful.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting mythineats and I hope to see you back soon. Ciao

  26. Hi Cristina, Thanks for liking my post. I share your passion for good food, but want to keep in shape. I eat raw as much as I can, and I drink plenty of tea ( having a tea company), so far pretty good. I’ll be curious as to how you keep thin eats in Italy.- http://www.dachateas.com

    • Your welcome. I love teas as well I’ll have at least one or two cups of tea a day. My favorite being green tea with some sort of berry. I’m glad that u liked blog, most of the foods that you have found on here are Italian because I’ve been here with my husband for a year. But stay posted because this summer I have some great Italian thin recipes (raw also) that I will be posting.

      Thanks for stopping by mythineats

  27. Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog and liking one of my post. I find it amazing that you have a big appetite but have a great figure, I was that too when I was younger. Great post and recipes. Have a nice day.

    • Well there are several posts on my blog about how to eat and still maintain a great figure. We can all have it we just need to learn what does ad doesn’t work with our bodies. Thanks for stopping by mythineats.

      • Yeah, in that case, i’ll haunt it down… thanks Have a great day!

  28. I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award because I think you are pretty awesome!
    Congratulations. Check it out: http://bit.ly/IOaIxe

    Here are the rules:

    * Thank the person(s) who nominated you and link back to them
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    * Nominate 15 bloggers you admire
    * Contact your nominees and let them know

  29. Hello Cristina! Thank you for liking my post “Have you ever eaten a duck egg?” in my “Delightful Local Repast” blog…I really enjoyed your blog…great recipes!! Cheers, Rose

    • Your welcome Rose. I am glad that you enjoy my recipes, they are simple and delicious.

      Thanks for stopping by mythineats

  30. Hi,
    thanks for stopping by my little blog and liking Angelic Eating. The Culinary Tour. It’s greatly appreciated. I loved reading about your life. I hope to see you back soon.


  31. Pingback: Yummy muffins from a fellow blogger « Denisekathleen’s Weblog

    • You’re welcome. I like to support fellow bloggers and when there is something I like I have to ‘Like it’.

      Best of luck and hope to see you around mythineats

  32. Thanks for liking foodforfun’s earthquake pie. “Who says you can’t eat and be thin too”–awesome tagline. My thoughts exactly:-)

  33. Thanks for visiting OhSheCooks, I’m glad you enjoyed the recipe! I loved reading your story. I visited Italy (Rome, Florence & Milan) about 10 years ago, and it was such an amazing experience. Ever since, I’ve been searching for authentic Italian recipes – I couldn’t believe how different REAL Italian food is from the stuff we have here. Especially the pizza. I’m really looking forward to reading your recipes. Thanks for sharing!

    • Oh, your welcome. I’m glad that you like my blog and recipes. I have always tried to be authentic to what I am, where I come from and what I portray. I like the Italian cooking because it’s so healthy, fresh and amazing flavored out of few but great ingredients. I hope to see u back here.

      Thanks for stopping by mythineats

  34. Cristina, I just love your blog. So many fantastic recipes. I’ve got so many on my “recipes to try” list! I wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Enjoying food while staying thin really is the goal. you are truly and inspiration. Along with the award come some responsibilities. you can see what they are on my blog, basically share some things about yourself and nominate some blogs that inspire you. I can’t wait to see what those blogs are. Cheers! Cathy

    • Why Thank you! I am always happy when people appreciate mythineats and inspires people to eat, cook and live life.

      Thanks for stopping by mythineats and look forward to seeing you again.

  35. Hey there…Enjoyed reading your posts. And thanks for stopping by and liking my post “Fast Food at Home”

  36. Hello! My name is Ludovica and I am Italian too. I perfectly understand your true passion for food, the joy for cooking for the people you love, the desire to taste new things, to try new recipes. I think I am going to love this blog 🙂

    • That’s wonderful. I love to have followers that have the same passion for food as I do.

      Thanks for stopping by mythineats.

  37. Hello! Your blog is really inspiring, it gives an input to change lifestyle by eating healthier and i am sure it helps lots of people! Its nice to know you come from Italy as i live in Milan at the moment and the food is one of the many things i appreciate in this country… Thanks for liking my post and hope you come back! Saluti, Thais

    • I’m glad that you think that about my blog. I try really hard to be as real and informative about being healthy.
      That’s fabulous that you live in Milan. I live in Milano Marittima, In the Adriatic. I hope to see you back and Happy New Years.

      Thanks for stopping by mythineats

  38. Hello Cristina:) Thank you for liking my recipe. A pasta recipe too – so I’m pretty chuffed given you know Italian food and I’m all the way down in Australia! Your passion for food and life shines through in your blog making it a delight to read:)

    • Sure thing! I thought that the twist of zucchini, heirloom tomatoes and Parmigiano with a hint of Balsamic vinegar you added to this Pappardelle was pretty nice. I think that it would make for a perfect spring dish. So what’s not to like.

      Thanks for stopping by mythineats.

  39. Umm, adorable blog!!! Love the tagline; “who says you can’t eat and be thin too”. I know right?! I hear yah. I eat a LOT as well and people are always very surprised. Will definitely be following your blog. Cheers!!

    • Glad that you like the tagline, it was something that I wanted to explain what this blog is all about. Thanks for the support and for stopping by mythineats. Ciao

    • I’m so happy to have your support and most of all that you like my blog. I try so hard to make sure that the recipes and food I eat and/or cook come from a healthy place. Life is meant to eat and be thin too!!!

      Thanks for stopping by again and hope to see you again.

    • Wow. Thanks that’s such a compliment I truly appreciate your support.

      Have a wonderful day! Ciao

  40. awesome blog, cristina. it sounds like you had an awesome childhood, and i have to say i am a little bit jealous. i always wanted to be raised in an italian kitchen, most of my italian friends told me it was a blast.

    your recipes look super fresh and really value the “balance” which you spoke of here. good work, i can’t wait to read more in the future.

    • Thanks. Yeah if there is one thing that I truly enjoyed growing up was helping out in the kitchen. The best thing about it is growing up in a traditional Italian family with super healthy parents that made sure we always ate vegetables. Fruit was the snack exclusively (no juices or sodas allowed) home baked goodies were dessert or breakfast on occasion.
      Having banned all candy, white sugar, syrups, canned foods, precooked meals, boxed cereal (my dad made the Granola from scratch if we wanted it), juices, and all things processed; it really helped me grow & learn how to make the most amazing foods.
      It’s not as if my mom would steam broccoli, put butter & serve. She would steam add some evoo, s&p or sauté with some garlic, or stuff like that so vegetables were always so delicious.

      They really did a fantastic job at not ever making us feel left out with food but as if we were too special too eat crap. They added their little twist & made the effort to making us feel as every meal was a celebration. Whether it be making pasta, or pizza dough, peeling & roasting potatoes, cleaning the veggies, etc… It was fun.

      And now I still love to eat like that. For me it’s the way I grew up and never left it. Yeah sure I tasted a coca-cola with my friends when I was 15 to see what it was all about, never got attached to it & haven’t had one in 9yrs. Don’t like it.

      Ok I think I’ve said it all. Hahaha! I’m glad that you enjoy my blog and thanks for stopping by mythineats.

    • I’m glad that you like my blog. I try my hardest to develop recipes that are healthy yet delicious for everyone.
      Thanks for the compliments and for stopping by mythineats

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