Aglio E Olio with a Twist

Growing up I always liked Pasta. My mom said that I stopped nursing at 8 month and started eating spaghetti right away, it was like I much rather have spaghetti than milk. I know now why I love pasta; since I was a child  I couldn’t wait to get some pasta, watching my parents eat it and getting it through my mother wasn’t good enough for me. Ha.

I know now though that you can’t eat too much pasta and when I do eat it I often like to substitute it for whole grain, whole wheat or gluten free.

Gluten free is mainly because it feels lighter, and sometimes easier to digest, and if you are a little sensitive to wheat this is an excellent option and substitute, I must say the difference in taste is really not that big at all.    In this I use Kamut spaghetti which are excellent and some of my favorite choices. This dish is light and delicious. Enjoy!


Serves 4

500 grams Kamut Spaghetti*

1 garlic clove

2 tsp. of crushed red pepper

4 tbsp. olive oil

2 tbsp. salt

Grated Parmiggiano

In a pot for spaghetti (generally 8qt), fill with water a little over 3 quarters add salt and place to boil over high heat. Bring water to a boil and throw in your spaghetti. Let cook for 12 minutes if your spaghetti is Kamut or follow instructions on the box. Stir occasionally.

In the meantime place olive oil in a small pan over medium heat, slice your garlic and add to olive oil along with red pepper flakes. Let simmer until golden brown and remove from heat.

At this point your spaghetti should be cooked, strain and put back in the pot and add your olive oil mixture. Stir well and serve. Add some parmiggiano on top of spaghetti and enjoy.

* you can use regular spaghetti



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