Definitely A Low Fat Meal – Roasted Asparagus and Shrimp

My husband and I love both asparagus and shrimp. When we lived in the USA it was easy to find asparagus all the time, I don’t recall ever going to the grocery store and there not being asparagus, so it pretty much was a staple in our meals. However, since we’ve moved to Italy it has been tough to find asparagus, the grocery stores here only carry fruits and veggies that are in season, so you can’t find asparagus year round as you can in the USA.

Asparagus 101: Spring is the best season for fresh asparagus. Crops are harvested from late February to June, with April being the prime month. High in vitamins B6 and C, plus fiber, folate and glutathione, an anti-carcinogen and antioxidant, asparagus is an excellent nutritional choice. It comes in three colors: white, green or purple, although the green variety is the most common. White asparagus is popular in much of Europe and is produced by keeping the growing shoots hidden from light under soil.

All this to say that we finally went to the market this weekend and found asparagus, my heart skipped a beat I was so happy to finally be able to buy some asparagus (that wasn’t over priced like $10 for a quarter lb.) so we bought the asparagus and decided we would make one of our favorite simple delicious dishes we used to make in the USA ‘Roasted Asparagus and Shrimp”. It turned out delicious as always and we wanted to share it with you.

This dish doesn’t take long at all, it’s very simple and yes you can make it in 20 minutes, so if you are running home late for work don’t give into something on the go, make this dish and feel like a million bucks. Trust me it’s worth it. Enjoy!


1/2 lb. Asparagus

1/2 lb. Shrimp, peeled and deveined

1 garlic clove, chopped

2 tbsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper to taste

Preheat your oven at 350ยฐ.ย  Grab a large roasting pan, line it up with parchment paper lay out your asparagus evenly on one side and then on the other side pour your shrimp evenly. (I used the big black oven roasting pan, or you could use 2 separate baking trays, it’s up to you)

Slice your garlic and pour some over the asparagus and some over the shrimp, now pour the olive oil evenly over both as well and then season with the salt and pepper.
Put in the oven and roast for 20 minutes and then serve. Buon apettito!




42 thoughts on “Definitely A Low Fat Meal – Roasted Asparagus and Shrimp

    • It might change your mind. I hope that you enjoy it and let me know how it turns out. Best if luck!!

      Thanks for stopping by mythineats

  1. Perfect, I need a low fat meal for Friday for a B-Day celebration and this sounds just like the ticket. Especially with Easter (and Pasquetta) around the corner…I want to celebrate with something stravagante yet not too many calories.

    • Exactly, this dish would’ve perfect for that. It’s extravagant with not too many calories or carbs, then it’s easy and fast do it looks like it took you a long time but really it only took you a couple minutes.

      Buona Pasqua and thanks For stopping by mythineats

  2. Yummy! I will definitely be trying this! Love shrimp and asparagus.
    What would you recommend as a side dish to this?
    Thanks for sharing!

    • I would recommend quinoa (I do have a posting all about it and how to prep) or cous-cous, brown rice, a boiled potato with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil or roasted. Also a nice salad if you don’t want carbs, or a mushroom ragout or roasted tomatoes. These are my favorites. I hope that it’s helpful. Happy cooking and thanks for stopping by mythineats

    • Exactly my thoughts, I hope that you enjoy eating and making it. It’s such a pleasure to have you stop by and make my recipes.

      Happy cooking. Ciao

  3. Love this! Add a little squeeze of fresh lemon–you’ll love what a little bit of acid does to the dish. Yum!

    • Yes, You can squeeze them lemon, I did my Husband didn’t so that is a great little twist.

      Enjoy and thanks for stopping by mythineats

    • Yes, this will go great with scallops as well. I love asparagus and think that it does make a great side dish for most anything.

      Happy cooking and thanks for stopping by mythineats

  4. Hi Cris, since Rose and I both love asparagus and shrimp, this will make a perfect dinner for Good Friday!!! Can’t wait to try it.

    • Yay! I am glad that you are going to try it. I hope that you both like it. I would suggest you to get the peeled and deveined shrimp so that you don’t have to clean the shrimp. It will save you a lot of time.

      Happy cooking. Ciao

  5. Just stopping by to let you know how much I enjoy your blog! Today, I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award, please see today’s post for details. Thanks for all you do!

    • That is really nice of you and completely appreciated. I’m glad that you like my blog. I hope that I can continue to keep it interesting and informative with lots of delicious recipes for you to enjoy.

      Have a wonderful Easter.

    • Glad to see that u enjoyed my recipe. I love the simplicity of it and that it only uses 3 ingredients for seasoning.

      Thanks for stopping by mythineats

  6. Your dish looks so beautiful Christina and I know what you mean by being very inspired by the new seasons produce (when it finally appears) at the greengrocer! For me, its figs I simply love them either sweet or savoury during our autumn season here in Australia!

    • Figs are my favorite as well. Here in Italy we have figs around July and I am always in line to get them at our farmer, I love farmers produce.

      Have a good day and happy Easter!

    • It really easy both of those things. I love shrimp and asparagus also so this was a perfect dish.

      Thanks for stopping by mythineats

  7. I love this! Here in Australia we find Asparagus all year round as you did in The States. There is something to be said for waiting for your favourite things to come in season. That was a new and exciting experience for me when I lived overseas. I remember eating lots of white asparagus in Italy, Spain and France and loved it. It’s hard to find here. This is a lovely dish and looks great! Love your blog and thank you so much for your likes. I’m new to all this and learning. It’s all a bit daunting!

    • It is nice to wait and just be able to eat the foods that are in season, it helps you appreciate it more. It took sometime to get used to that but I am used to it now and everytime I go to the grocery store I can’t wait to see if the next veggie or fruit is available yet. It also keeps a varied and colorful diet.

      Thanks for stopping by mythineats.

  8. This looks delicious (II could almost smell it :P)! My boyfriend just said “We need to eat more seafood..” so I know what I’ll be cooking sometime in the future! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Seafood is my favorite, it’s healthy and so easy to cook. I hope that you like this dish!

      Thanks for stopping by mythineats.

  9. It’s blowing my mind that you have a hard time finding asparagus in Italy – say it ain’t so! The dish looks beautiful and I’m sure it was delicious. Great recipe inspiration and thank you for posting it…

    • Well it’s not hard if it’s in season. But now it’s in season and I am taking advantage of it while it lasts. Thanks for stopping by mythineats

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