Indulge these next Holidays without GUILT!

The Holidays are right around the corner with one of the biggest being tomorrow…Thanksgiving. So, Happy Thanksgiving Mythineaters! Have a blessed and wonderful day.

I love the Holidays, it’s a wonderful time to spend with your loved ones, to decorate and also to eat some delicious food. Now FOOD, this I think is the tricky part because it’s a time of the year that everyone makes time to be together and cook a big meal, but this doesn’t mean that you have to stuff yourself even if you may or may not like the food. I for instance don’t care much for the food in itself, it’s more about the experience; but many a times I have found myself eating just because 1. It’s in front of me and 2. Because I feel obligated to over indulge because it’s the holidays.

These 2 reasons are wrong. I always feel bloated and I don’t actually get to enjoy it and feel like I have to behave and eat light after that. I have come to the conclusion that if I want to eat then I should, but if the next day I want to also make a lasagna, or a plate of pasta I shouldn’t feel disgusted with myself to the point that I Can’t eat it. Keyword Can’t.

Don’t punish yourself, the holidays are a time to have fun, enjoy and really feel happy about your life and the people in it. Most of all it should be a time we all look forward to, not look forward to when it’s over so you can get back on track. Sound familiar??!!

Here are a few simple steps to follow that won’t leave you feeling deprived or guilty.

1) Exercise – I know that I have been guilty of this before, but just because the holidays are here doesn’t mean that we should forget about exercising. I think that you get so busy thinking about this and that, that you forget about yourself. Take your 1 hour, or 30 minutes, whatever you need and don’t feel bad, you generally take this time anyways so why not now. This is a great time you can use to plan the rest of the day and whatever else is needed. Trust me the Turkey can wait. This way you will burn extra calories so you can eat that pie without feeling the least bit guilty.

2) Choose your indulgences – A lot of the food that is served during the Holidays are foods that you generally wouldn’t eat and just fillers. ‘Is that really something you want to eat?’ If you really want to have that pie then eat it. Do you want to have an extra cocktail, then drink it. Enjoy it and skip the rest. Let’s say you don’t like casseroles, why eat them? What about the Gravy? For instance my husband hates gravy, but likes the sweet potatoes and has that and doesn’t even touch the gravy. Don’t worry, pass it along.

3) Make a plate – Mindless eating is the enemy. If you just pick here and there without serving yourself a plate you may not know just how much you’ve eaten until you just feel stuffed and gross. By serving yourself you are able to see what you are eating and also if you really want more or not. Keep track and you won’t feel lost.

4) Don’t beat yourself up! Move on – After all it is the holidays and if you had one too many move on, don’t beat yourself. No one got fat or fell off the wagon from eating a little more than usual, it’s how you react to it that’s the problem. You want to have a piece of pie, go for it. But don’t eat the whole pie just because you feel you where bad. Move on. Enjoy yourself mostly and think of it as a reward for being awesome.

Happy Holidays and remember that you workout and are healthy so that you can feel good. Stay focused and relax. You can eat without regret. It’s food not your life savior, you are not gonna die because you didn’t eat the whole turkey in one sitting or if you don’t feel stuffed at the end of the day. You are strong and better than that. Think and eat only what you really want.

I hope that this helps you to stay motivated during this wonderful Holiday season. Enjoy it!
Buone Feste!

I made our Thanksgiving meal this way last year. It’s exactly what my Husband and I wanted.


13 thoughts on “Indulge these next Holidays without GUILT!

  1. I love these suggestions and I agree with them totally. After having a lifetime struggle to maintain my weight, now at the age of 65 I can maintain my weight because I use many of your tips. I indulge in treats but I have learned to taste, eat smaller portions and exercise. Thanks for your post.

    • You see, there is always proof in the pudding. It’s great to see that this works for all ages, types, people. It so simple and rewarding and the only way to enjoy life to the fullest.

      Happy Thanksgiving from mythineats

  2. Thanks for the tips! My biggest problem, though, is my family (specifically my mother!) making me feel guilty for working out on t-giving morning or not having an extra serving. She literally sits there and says “It’s Thanksgiving! You’re not going to have more?!” and when I say no she rolls her eyes like I’m causing a scene. Any advice on what to say to her?
    (I know, she’s a tough one! 😉 )

    • I think that if you want to workout you don’t need to worry about what your mother may say. Try to tell her that you are working out so that you have more space to enjoy her food.
      As for the feeling guilty part about not eating tons, (well I know how that feels because Italians are the same way). I just ignore.
      If they keep on insisting serve yourself some veggies. Another secret is to serve yourself a little and leave it on your plate so it looks like you’re still in the process and then when they clear the table just say that you thought you could fit it ur stomach but you are stuffed.
      However, I think that you should be allowed to eat what you want, when you want; and stop when you want.
      Happy Thanksgiving.

      Thanks for stopping by mythineats.

    • Well, then don’t pass the gravy. I myself love the gravy I make it from scratch. Super simple.
      Use some homemade Turkey/or chicken broth (if you don’t have you can boil some water and put a bullion cube). Put the dripping of the Turkey in a saucepan (try to leave out as much fat as possible) add the flour when its a thick paste, start pouring your broth gradually until it’s completely dissolved, stir until thickens. Add salt and pepper if needed. Delish.

      Happy Thanksgiving from mythineats.

      • Thanks. It brings back memories when I’d watch and then help Mum make stuffing when we’d have roast dinners. I wish we had a similar tradition in Australia. Australia Day has become a mess with adolescents thinking it’s a day to get sun burnt and drunk rather than remembering some of our history.
        I hope your Thanksgiving went well.

  3. Love your post. I love Thanksgiving but it does come with a lot of food “issues”. I love food but I could never understand why people eat until they were about to explode. I don’t see what that has to do with the holiday. Personally it makes me feel ill but some people get really offended when you don’t stuff yourself. The idea is to enjoy the moment, some great food and the people around you.

    • I used to get stressed about organizing how to fit this and that in, now I know that the Holidays are just another day with the exception that all your loved ones get to participate without any excuse. So keeping myself on track helps me to not get overwhelmed and actually enjoy the Holidays more.

      Thanks for stopping by mythineats

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