Low Fat has Never Tasted So Delicious: Vongole con Vino Bianco (White Wine Clams)

Oh, yes I love Clams! They are the perfect low-fat and low-calorie food. They are so delicious and it’s always an enjoyment to eat them.
Here in Italy it is a very common and delicate dish. They are fresh everyday from the fisherman that go out in the middle of the night and then sell them or at the fish markets or the fish stores. They are a very summer thing to eat and as soon as Spring comes it’s one of the first thing Italians are out to eat. The more common and known way to eat them would be “Spaghetti or Tagliolini alle Vongole” which means “Spaghetti or Tagliolini with Clams”, but here in Italy it is also very common to have them served in a light wine sauce with toasted bread on the side to dip in and do the “Scarpetta”.  Clams are one of the simplest things to cook and require basically no time at all.

I’ll explain the way to clean them so that you too at home can make them.

First of you want to buy them fresh. Rinse them real quick under cold water. Grab a tray that has edges, I normally use one of my larger baking trays (like the one I use for Lasagna), lay the clams evenly (don’t worry if they are a bit over layered) and fill with cold water just about 1/2 an inch above your clams. Sprinkle with abundant sea salt, shake the tray around a bit and let sit for about 3-4 hours. (You can let sit over night as well, just remember the longer the better).

What the salt water does is help the clams spit out the sand that they might have inside. They basically clean themselves, this is the only way to get rid of any sand they might have in them. If you look at them during this process you will see them open and spit out the sand or move around; it’s quite interesting.

Once the time has passed you can grab a handful of the clams and throw them in a plate, shake up and down a few times, and then put in a bowl or colander. This method helps them spit out anything left. (don’t worry if they don’t spit out anything) that means that they are perfectly clean. Rinse once more real quick under cold water and they are ready for cooking.
Here’s the recipe. I hope that you enjoy.


1 lb Vongole Veraci (Clams), cleaned

1 Garlic Clove, Minced or Whole

1/4 cup White Wine

Red Chili Flakes (optional)

3 tbsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Handful chopped Parsley

Grab a nice large sauté pan put over medium heat with the olive oil (I like the garlic whole, but if you are mincing it that’s delicious also), once the oil is heated add you garlic and chili flakes allow to get just golden and throw in your Vongole (Clams) with the wine. Cover and let them cook about 10 minutes. You will know once they are ready because they will all be open. Turn off heat and throw in your parsley mix gently and serve*. Tata, Buon Appetito!

* I serve in bowls or deep plates I put the vongole first and then I add all the remaining sauce.

Okay, now this dish I accompany with toasted bread or bruschetta. The other night I made bruschetta to go along. But do what you wish. Enjoy


20 thoughts on “Low Fat has Never Tasted So Delicious: Vongole con Vino Bianco (White Wine Clams)

  1. Reading this post has made my mouth water. I am making my own type of low-calorie/low-fat seafood dish tonight. A scallop and salmon terrine. Will let you know how it worked out!

  2. Oh my goodness, that looks and sounds so delicious! I didn’t even have breakfast yet (that’s because I live in Atlantic Canada and we’re 5 hours behind you, not because I sleep until noon ;)), but I truly wish it was supper time to try this. I’ll be out later and see whether I can get my hands on some clams (or at least mussels).

    • Well, Thank you. You could use Mussels as well, you clean them differently but they are just as delicious. Have a great Sunday.

      • I usually only rinse and scrub the mussels a bit. The ones I get here are farmed. Don’t know whether that makes a difference. Is there anything else that you do to clean them?

      • Mussels usually have something called a beard that you pull off. Ask the clerk at the store if they are already completely clean or to show you where it is. Happy cooking!!!

    • Thank you very much! Italian food is very healthy because although some of it is rich most of it is fresh and always cooked very natural. Thanks for stopping by mythineats

  3. This is fascinating! I live far, far inland. It’s almost 1,000 miles to get to the sea from where I live!

    I love seafood, though, and used to live 30mi from the Atlantic (in my early 20s, when I worked in France–that was a LONG time ago). I didn’t learn much about seafood when I lived there but I *ate* quite a bit! I wish that I could enjoy some of your delightful dish.

    • Well, Thank you for the compliments. I hope that you can find some sort of fish so that you can fill the craving you are having. Thanks for stopping by mythineats

  4. Oh, now I’m gonna want clams all day! Specifically, even though it’s not your recipe, I want my spaghetti allo scoglio (clams and lots of other shellfish!)

  5. Vongole! One of my very favourite things! I love the combination of chilli, garlic, white wine and parsley (and a bit of lemon) with any seafood…this has made me hungry. I’m off to cook dinner (not clams, unfortunately, but pasta in any case).

    Hope you are enjoying la dolce vita! I look forward to hearing more about your Italian adventures…

    • Ahh, yes the Vongole delicious dish. Thanks for supporting mythineats and hope that you enjoy the recipes.

  6. To love vongole is to love simple Italian cooking at it’s best, don’t you think? What a shame we only get to enjoy during our visits each year to Italy, and then come home to the US and no such clam can be found…the sweet flavor is unique to the clams in Italy, I think.

    Grazie for stopping by to “like” our blog, and so glad to find yours! I’m definitely signing up now. Ciao!

    • I would totally agree with your statement. I was disappointed that clams where non-existent and really hard to find. They are a perfect healthy yet elegant and delicious dish. I could eat them once a week.
      Thanks for stopping by Mythineats and for the support.


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