In a rush? Try this delicious Homemade Pizza

You ever think about wanting to eat a pizza, but would like it to be healthier? Lighter? Not as fattening as the ones you order out? Maybe more vegetables or only with certain ingredients? Real mozzarella? Well, you can have it.

My husband and I do love to indulge in pizza here in Italy they make it with really thin crust, fresh ingredients and with just about anything you want on it. One night we decided that we were going to make it at home, we didn’t have the time to make the dough from scratch but you can find fresh pizza dough in just about any grocery store, (especially here in Italy) although while in the USA I found it in quite a few grocery stores, just ask for it.
He loves his pizza with Mozzarella, Pomodoro (Tomato) and Salame Piccante (Hot Salami) and I like it with less cheese and with any vegetable offered, from Mushrooms, Artichokes, Radicchio, Cherry Tomatoes, Eggplant and always topped off with Rucola. (I do love Prosciutto Crudo on it also).

Now I think that when you make it at home you get to each prep it and make it just the way you like and it is not as complicated or as time consuming as it seems. It is not something unhealthy or bad for you when made at home because you pick the ingredients, the size and you know exactly what is going in it. (and that is always a plus)

I hope that you enjoy my simple explanation and ingredients and just remember this is easy, fun and great for any evening; whether it’s an activity with your kids, something fun for an at home date night, girls night as something to munch on, friends night or while having friends over for a dinner party as an appetizer you can do it whenever and look as if you worked for hours. Enjoy.


Serves 2

2 Balls of Pizza dough

Flour for dusting

1 qt. lb Fresh Mozzarella, grated

1Β  4oz can of fresh Tomato Paste

2 Tbsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Salt to taste

And then you pick the rest of ingredients

Preheat your oven at 350Β°. In the meantime roll out your pizza over a floured surface to desired thickness, lay on parchment paper over a pizza tin.

Open your can of tomato sauce and ladle over the dough about 1/4 in away from edges (not too much, just enough to cover bottom evenly), sprinkle with a little bit of salt and 1 tbsp. of Olive oil. Get your mozzarella and evenly layer of the tomato sauce and then finish adding your ingredients, don’t over do it (remember healthy does it).

Put in the oven and bake in the center for about 20 minutes. You want to make sure that the cheese is melted and that the bottom in golden brown. Pull out of oven and if you ae adding rucola add it on top and serve.

*I added Tomato sauce, radicchio, proscuitto, salame and rucola.
**My Husband added tomato sauce, moazzarella, chilli flakes, prosciutto and rucola.




25 thoughts on “In a rush? Try this delicious Homemade Pizza

  1. This is a lovely idea. I could easily alter this with a low-sodium crust, or even a low sodium flat bread. I also have a lovely no salt organic tomato sauce I use for making Marinara that would be great on a pizza. And you can never go wrong in my opinion with a pizza loaded with veggies πŸ™‚

    • Yes, you can substitute the dough for whatever you like. Veggies are always the best. Happy cooking and thanks for stopping by mythineats

  2. Sounds great! I think I will have to make pizza next week for my family. My husband likes spicy meat pizzas too. You don’t happen to have an Italian pizza dough recipe do you? I am in search of a good pizza dough. I take from a couple of recipes, but they are just ok, not “the one.”

    • I do have an Italian pizza dough recipe. The only thing with that is that here in Italy they use “Farina Tipo ’00′” which is flour ground finer than any flour you can find anywhere in the world, you might be able to import it (don’t know if it’s worth it), and then they use Lievito di Birra Fresca which is a fresh yeast, I don’t know if the ingredients are found in Canada, I know that in the States I couldn’t find them anywhere. Let me know if you can find those 2 ingredients and then I’ll send you a recipe. If not I’ll try to look up something that could possibly come close to that.

      • Thank you so much. I know there are a couple of Italian Import stores nearby, I will check them out and get back to you!

  3. pizza on thin italian crust! oh my, I so miss that! no matter how many experiments, I still can’t nail how to make the thin pizza dough… if ever you can corner an italian pizzaiolo, ask the secret for me, pretty please?

    • I’ll see if there are any additional secrets you might not know about. Comunque le cose essenziali sono la farina 00, il lievito di birra fresco.
      Prova questa ricetta:

      – 2 kg di farina “00” con eventuale aggiunta di farina “0”
      – 1 l di acqua
      – 50-55g di sale marino
      – 3 g di lievito di birra


      1. Con il lievito, parte dell’aqua e 1/10 di farina preparare un “lievitino”.

      2. Disporre la farina a fontana, versare l’acqua rimasta dopo averci sciolto il sale.
      Impastare, aggiungendo anche il lievitino, fino al raggiungimento della consistenza desiderata. L’impasto deve presentarsi al tatto non appiccicoso, morbido ed elastico. Far riposare l’impasto per due ore coperto da un panno umido.

      3. Formare a mano dei panetti (peso compreso fra 180 – 250g l’uno). Fate lievitare i panetti con un tempo compreso fra 4 e 6 ore.

      4. Stendere ogni panetto di pasta formando un disco di diametro non superiore ai 35cm e spessore non superiore a 3mm facendo attenzione a lasciare il bordo di minimo 1cm. Farcire a piacere e cuocere alla massima temperatura disponibile fino ad ottenere la cottura desiderata.

      NB: l’acqua per impastare deve essere tiepida.

      • beh, io ci provero’… i tempi di lievitazione, sale e lievito sono diversi da quelli che ho sempre usato… chissa’ che la mia prossima pizza non sia bella sottile croccante! thank you!

  4. I love making home made pizza
    I sometimes add a line of BBQ sauce round the edge and make the crusts extra long so that you can fold it over and create a stuffed crust – bliss πŸ™‚

  5. It’s been said a hundred different times in a hundred different ways, but you just can’t beat cooking it yourself. You know what’s going in it, and you don’t need a medical dictionary to understand the ingredients. I’ll definitely be checking this pizza out.

    • Exactly. Home cooked is the best, especially if you know the secrets to making it healthy and still delicious. Thanks for stopping by mythineats

  6. Love it! I’m going to attempt to make Veggie pockets this weekend using pesto, roasted vegetables and cheese wrapped in pizza dough (like a stromboli). I’ll let you know if they work out πŸ™‚

  7. Your husband likes his pizza like mine, and I like mine like you! I have to make my own dough here, itΒ΄s never quite as thin and crispy as in Italy, so I will have to dream of these pizzas!

    • Haha, men. I know what you mean, it’s the flour which is only found here it’s Flour Type “00” really really finely ground. It’s fantastic. Happy cooking

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