My Go-To Healthy Dinner – Grilled Chicken and Asparagus

One of my favorite all time healthy, Low fat and Low Calorie Meals is the classic chicken and vegetables. I personally love asparagus so whenever in season they are always on my dish. The other thing that I love is to use the grill as much as possible it keeps the meal low fat but with amazing flavor.

My Husband is the one that grills he loves it and I love the fact of cooking together. It’s like our little time together and it makes us enjoy each other more. Most of the time it’s me cooking and him just waiting around pouring the wine, trying his best to stay out of the way; but when we do cook together it’s both of us doing the work and we both compliment each other in the part that the other one cooked. It’s nice and I particularly appreciate his help and enjoy the fun moments that come from it.

My husbands favorite meat is Chicken, he could honestly eat chicken about everyday or every other day so as soon as grilling season comes along (or even way before), we are definitely grilling chicken breasts. Accompanied generally by a vegetable and quinoa or cous-cous. The other night we had the delicious grilled chicken breasts with asparagus and it was so good I thought that I should share the simple recipe with you. Enjoy!


2 Chicken breasts, sliced thin

1 lb Asparagus

2 tbsp. Extra Virgin Olive oil

1 sprig Rosemary, fresh (removed form stem)

Salt and Pepper to taste

Turn on your grill and let heat. Get your chicken and drizzle 1 tbsp. of olive oil on it, along with the rosemary, salt and pepper. Mix together and let sit.

Get your asparagus and wash, put it in a large saucepan over medium heat and drizzle remaining 1 tbsp. olive oil cover and allow to steam stirring occasionally; add salt and pepper to taste after about 5 minutes and cover. Should take about 15 minutes to be completely cooked.

Put your chicken on the grill and cook each side for about 10 minutes. In the meantime check on the asparagus if you can pinch with a fork it means that they are ready,* remove from heat. By now your chicken is ready so plate. Enjoy

*I like my Asparagus with just a little snap to them, not soggy but you cook to your desired doneness






45 thoughts on “My Go-To Healthy Dinner – Grilled Chicken and Asparagus

    • Couldn’t agree more. I mean I’ll certainly eat asparagus even overlooked because of how much I love it but it’s so so much better with crunch.

  1. It’s nice to see a simple meal shown that is delicious and healthy-thanks. The organic asparagus I’ve gotten recently has been incredibly good. My go-to is grilled asparagus and shrimp with lime.

    • Oh yeah that combo is fantastic I love it as well. The shrimp with lime accompanied by grilled asparagus is another household staple.

    • Great. I hope that you enjoy it and that you get some quality time out of it 😉 happy cooking!

  2. I love the way asparagus tastes when it’s grilled. I usually steam it first, then immerse it in ice water to stop the cooking process. Then I spray it with pan spray and mark it on the grill. Makes a great basis for an asparagus salad.

    I love your blog, btw.

    • Yes, thats another great way of making asparagus. I appreciate the support and thanks for stopping by mythineats

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  4. I love scoping out others easy dishes. I often do one just like this only I grill the asparagus as well! Stoked to try adding rosemary to my chicken. My new rosemary plant is getting big and I have yet to use it 🙂

    • Oh rosemary, how I love it. You can start by using it on the chicken,other ways to incorporate it in your food is on roasted potatoes, steak, fish, roasted veggies almost anything. Happy cooking!!

  5. Love grilled asparagus, I never finish the entire bunch, perfect way to store it for a few days is to stand it upright in about an inch of water…stays fresh and lasts up to 3days like this. I’m sure you already know this, just wanted to share. 🙂 Its on the menu for this week def.

    • Great info, it’s always great to know how to store the food in the fridge correctly. I hope that you enjoy the meal and thanks for stopping by mythineats.

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  7. It sounds a little odd, but I use that same bit of olive oil and just pan fry my asparagus with a bit of rosemary. I hate squishy asparagus Dx

    • I know. Asparagus is so delicious no need to cover it in too much sauce and no need to overcook.

      Thanks for stopping by mythineats

    • Agreed! A little lemon does give it a great flavor and it’s healthy too.

      Thanks for stopping by mythineats

  8. I tried a wonderful dish a few weeks ago that was asparugus, salmon, tomatoes, and cheese – all in an omlette! It was such a fresh new dish that I have put it on my list of things to try and recreate back in my own kitchen. Since it seems you enjoy asparugus so much, perhaps it might be something that you might enjoy as well!

    • It is do delicious and simple to make. Let me know if you try it.

      Thanks for stopping by mythineats

  9. I love quick, easy and simple cooking and this certainly checks all three boxes! Thanks for sharing!

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