My Benefits of Completing a 10 day Master Cleanse

So, I completed the 10 day Master Cleanse, that means 10 days of just drinking: Purified water, fresh squeezed Lemon Juice, Grade B Maple syrup and Cayenne; it sounds tough but it sounds tougher than it actually is to complete these 10 days, I guess I just tell myself that 10 days out of 365 is nothing. Which is absolutely the TRUTH!

I feel amazing, I am full of energy, my skin is glowing, my hair looks and feels luscious and soft, no more tiredness, no more feeling sluggish, I don’t even need the alarm clock I am up at 6 am automatically every morning, and then of course I look and feel tight and slim.

Ok, I know what you are thinking, I don’t believe in this type of drastic cleanses, I could never survive 10 days without eating, I crash if I don’t have my morning lunch there is no way that I could go 10 days without absolutely any food at all, etc.. these are all things that we tell ourselves; I tell you that you can do anything you put your mind to do.

I am not saying that we should all do the master cleanse and I am not saying that it’s the best thing to do for weightloss or to feel great, I am sure and knowledgeable that there are other things out there, I just found this one and it seems to work for me in a fantastic way; the benefits are many and I love all the other internal cleansing things it does to my body, being a foodie it is obvious that sometimes my body needs a little break and I need that break to not only re-energize my internal and external body but also so that I can get new cooking ideas for you (mythinreaders).

I firmly believe though that if you do something like this you can’t come off it and eat a burger, NO! You have to slowly introduce the food groups and try to stay off meat as long as possible.  These are my steps to re-introducing food into my body:

Day 1:  Drink only fresh squeezed Orange or Grapefruit Juice diluted with water throughout the day.

Day 2:  Drink fresh squeezed Orange or Grapefruit for Breakfast
For Lunch seasonal all organic veggie broth, and for Dinner the veggie broth with the vegetables

Day 3:  Drink fresh squeezed OJ or Grapefruit for breakfast (or tall glass of water)
For Lunch Vegetable Soup, and for Dinner a nice vegetable salad (Today you can also start introducing Nuts, Beans)

Day 4:  Drink a tall glass of water, or OJ or a nice herbal tea, and a nice fruit, for Lunch and Dinner either soup or salad (Today you can also start introducing Whole Grains)

Day 5:  Drink tall glass of water, you can also introduce Green tea (I love it!), for Lunch Salad or Veggie Soup, and for Dinner Roasted Vegetables and Salmon or (any fish you like)

Slowly you can introduce the rest of the foods that you usually eat whole grains, rice, coffee, dairy, and poultry. These are all good food groups to eat I would avoid sodas, and all junk food (i.e. chips, fried foods, candy bars, artificial sweeteners, etc..)
Try to eat as raw and fresh as possible.

Now, lets get the blog back to eating but staying thin, more delicious recipes to come. Ciao


52 thoughts on “My Benefits of Completing a 10 day Master Cleanse

  1. I would imagine that even if you couldn’t make the whole 10 days, that you would benefit from even a few days? What makes it hard at my house is foster children in and out, college students in and out and now the constant picnics, etc that we host. I’m thinking though that there may be some wiggle room for a few days.

      • It’s actually not recommended that you do less than 10 bc the benefits start after day 3. It’s a detox cleanse so if you only do 3 days then you get the worst effects of mobilizing toxins but not the benefits of releasing them from the body. Also (especially for women) you only burn muscle until you hit day 3, which is when you start burning fat and waste. Get some more info on Stanley Burroughs, writer of the cleanse and alternative medicinal guru. The drink itself can be drank once in a while as a healthy dose of nutrients, but not the cleanse.

      • I actually did read the book. This is why I advised you to not do less than 3 days . I’ve always done 10-21days.

        You had mentioned that you didn’t think you could do the full 10 days so this is why I said that you should try atleast 3 days. Also I believe that if you are trying to do a quick cleanse even 3 days will do the trick or atleast help you feel just a bit better even though the first few days are the worst (trust me i speak from experience) you will feel better once completed.

        However my thinking is always do what feels right for you and don’t always go by the book based on how someone else felt or what their experience was. You have to remember that we all speak from personal experience but that doesn’t mean it’s 100% the right thing to do.

        Well I don’t know if you did the cleanse or not but I hope that you are able to find some cleanse that works for you and your busy schedule.
        Thanks for the comment and for stopping by mythineats

  2. Tring this cleanse tomorrow! I hope I got the right maple syrup! I couldn’t find the one they recommended but I got one that says 100% pure maple syrup. I am drinking my laxative tea as we speak! Check out my blog! Really hope this helps me kick start my weight loss!!!

    • It will kick start your weightloss, but keep in mind that you can gain it all back if you jump right back into the same old habits that got you to do this cleanse in the first place….this helps but you have to be consistent in eating healthy and exercise.

      Thanks for stopping by mythineats and good luck!

  3. Congratulations on completing the cleanse. I agree, jumping into eating a burger right after the lemonade diet is definitely not a good idea…but most of the time, you won’t want to any how. It gives you a new appreciation for food. I was happy to drink fresh orange juice upon completion and the veggie soup I made the next day was fantastic!

    • Yes, Infact I always look forward to my veggie soup, it’s like crack for me when I get off nothing besides fresh fruit and veggies even comes to mind when getting off the cleanse. I love it!!

      Thanks for stopping by mythineats

  4. I LOVE THIS!!! When I did a 30 day Raw Food Juice Fast, I was out of my mind with hunger. What did I do to Ward it off> MASTER CLEANSE DRINK. Something about this drink that holds it a bay, and it makes you feel so good! Great work on your 10 Cleanse! ❤

    • Exactly. Torwards the last few days I could’ve continued because I wasn’t really craving to get off, but I like to stick to 10 days.

      Thanks for stopping by mythineats

  5. Did you exercise during these 10 days? I can’t imagine heavy lifting on liquids!

    I do believe its good to give our bodies a break from processing all the food all day, but i cant imagine doing it for 10 days – maybe 1 😉

  6. I did this cleanse a couple years back, but I only lasted for 3 days…Still, it is a great way to kickstart a weightloss program. I think I lost like 7 lbs in 3 days? Which was pretty awesome, and gave me the little kick I needed to shrink my stomach a bit and help me eat healthier. Nice post!

    • I’m on this right now. this is day 4 but I don’t have maple syrup here and can’t find it so I had to substitute it with honey. hahaha! I can’t last with this diet because our family has a history of ulcer and hyper acidity. But in my 3 days on this I’ve lost so much but I did feel great. I’m still striving to continue it. just gotta whip my ass into gulping down the concoction.


  7. Thanks for this post!
    I’m totally going to try this when my summer break starts next week! I’m just worried about not being able to exercise. I usually do 30 minutes of running and some weights everyday, d’you recommend exercising on the cleanse, or not?

    • I do recommend to exercise. I have always had the energy to do so after the first 3 days, it’s a personal choice and u should listen to how u feel before doing so.

      Good luck and thanks for stopping by mythineats

      • Adtully, just a note that you should always exercise on the Cleanse as much as you can (amazingly, you will feel energized!), or else you lose muscle mass.
        Great post!

  8. I attempted this once but by Day 5 was feeling very very badly. The naturopathic doctor I was working with at the time indicated it was too much for my body. Bummer! I have heard other positive reports on the cleanse, just wasn’t able to do to the 10 that go round. Congrats on completing it!!

    • That sucks. But it’s great that u listened to your body and didn’t finish it. You have to do what feels good.

      Thanks for stopping by mythineats

    • The Cleanse is a great way to help kickstart healthy habits. Sometimes it’s easier to so a cleanse than to limit certain foods straight away. It takes a lot of will power but the benefits are fantastic. Just remember that when you come off don’t eat junk stay focused on eating healthy.

      Thanks for stopping by mythineats

    • I put my mind to it and told myself everyday ‘1 day down, another to go’.
      It was something I really wanted to accomplish and I stuck to it.

      Thanks for stopping by mythineats

  9. I have, personally, never tried the master cleanse, but my mother-in-law did and she absolutely loved the way she felt. And she said she never had trouble with lack of energy as long as she kept some on hand and drank it as she needed. Thanks for sharing this info…it reminded me that I had considered doing this at some point. Believe I will very soon! Also, thanks for visiting my blog and for the like!

    • Yes, I agree there was no lack of energy experienced on my end either. Let me know how you do if you do it.

      Thanks for stopping by mythineats

  10. I do the master cleanse once or twice a year and feel – as you do – great! Light as a feather and clean, inside out. I recommend taking it one step further by doing a lymph cleanse as a pre-cleanse to the master cleanse. What we forget is that the lymph system has to deal with providing a pathway for the toxins to leave the body. If the lymph is not prepared, then cleanses like the master cleanse can do more damage than good. This is the one I swear by – Dr. Johm Douillard was CEO of Deepak Chopra’s health centre and he also was the director of player development to the New Jersey Nets so he has western and eastern knowledge. The cleanse is only 4 days long.

    • Well, that’s great. I’m sure that you’ll reap the many benefits that you get from his cleanse. Best of luck and let me know your progress.


  11. I commend you for your determination. It is really a mental game. I am just being introduced to you, so I don’t know you, yet. Do you lose weight on this cleanse? Do people give you trouble for doing it? I am asking,because when I put on my unwanted pounds, I use HCG. I usually do not tell people, because of what they say. I feel great while I am doing it and when it is over.

    • Well thanks. Yes you do lose weight on the cleanse although its mainly water weight. I feel fantastic on it although I haven’t done it in a year. People don’t generally bother me when I’m on it. I still hang and just drink water or caffeine free teas. I do tell people if they ask me but its not like an announcement (except when I tell my husband….ok I’m doing the cleanse) 🙂
      Most people I think don’t give me trouble because I don’t ask them the question I tell them that I’m doing this amazing thing and I love it and blah blah, so generally they don’t feel like giving me trouble because they probably feel I’m a lost cause. Ha!

      Well thanks for stopping by mythineats and best of luck

  12. Great post. I am on my Master Cleanse Day 2 today. I have been doing them since 2006 and LOVE every time. It makes me feel like I can fly. Those of you who are still considering, do it! Do at least 48 hours and you will feel it.

    • Well the recipe of the cleanse calls for it you could try to replace it with molasses, agave syrup or honey.

  13. I have done Some extra research and looking into this diet cleansing plan. I think it’s a great idea I do have one weird and maybe stupid question. I smoke marijuana. I do a little bit every night to relax. Always have will this make the diet Null and void? Would it be a waste of time ? Please advise. I would appreciate it. Awesome blog btw. You have one new follower.

    Respectfully yours,

    • Thanks for the follow. I think that smoking would for sure not allow to properly cleanse so I think it’s safe to say that you might be wasting your time in that regards as u would still be putting toxins in the body. However it really is your decision & try to see how u feel and what works for you.

      Thanks for stopping by mythineats

  14. Was doing some research on the Master Cleanse and the importance of OJ the day after–(wondering why it’s important–as opposed to another juice) and found your site (Love it and glad I was researching). I’m a firm believer in the Master Cleanse. Here’s my story with the MC (sorry it’s lengthy):

    Last October I found out I had Epstein Barr Virus, which then caused mono. I’ve not been able to get back to running since (I’m an addict). I did the MC several years back for some health reasons and did it for 3 days every other week for about two months (took off about 13 pounds and kept it off). My health returned then, but I was so sick of the drink I swore I never would do it again. Now it is several years later, and as I was meditating about what to do to get my energy back and clean out the EBV, the answer came loud and clear: I needed to do the MC again. Oh, my.

    This time I went 7 days and eased off slowly. Felt great, but when I got back to regular food, I suddenly didn’t have the energy again. Three weeks later my body called for it again, this time 3 days on. I have continued the MC off and on now since August and slowly I am beginning to feel a pick up in my energy levels, even when I’m not on the cleanse. This is my fourth (and last) day this week of an “on” period and next week I will start a maintenance of 1 day a week and easing back on to regular food. I’ve only eaten meat about once a week since I began this process. That, in and of itself is amazing, because I live with a carnivore and usually, we would eat meat for every meal.

    I realize I need to let my entire system rest–not only from exercise, but from toxins, chemicals, digestion–the list goes on–to let my body heal and it is slowly, but surely getting there. I’m up to walking 3 to 4 miles with little spurts of running throughout about 3 times a week. Oh, and, yes, for those wondering, I took off about 3 inches on my hips and 3 on my waist (I don’t have a scale) throughout this process. Very nice side benefit of doing the cleanse since I’ve slowly packed on the inches as a result of becoming ill and not being able to run…but it’s not the main reason I did the cleanse. I’m afraid if I did it just to lose weight I wouldn’t be able to stay on it.

    So sorry for the length. I just hope it helps for those struggling. The cleanse is powerful stuff.

    • Wow that’s great an wonderful as to how in touch you are with your body and notice the difference of what makes you feel good or not.

      I believe the reason they tell you to drink the OJ is because it’s very acidic but also preps your stomach lining for the food introduction.

      However I also drink grapefruit juice after the cleanse does the same effect.
      I don’t know what to say about your energy levels I always have a great feeling before and after but I’m super careful of what foods I eat afterwards atleast for the first week or two. No meats or cheese. I generally eat fruits, veggies, nuts, grains, and fish.

      I’ll let you know of I come up with any other suggestions.
      Thanks for stopping by mythineats

  15. Hi I want to do the cleanse but I do not have a water filter. What bottle water do you recommend I used. I’m in the United Kingdom The way.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi, honestly I don’t know what bottled water they have in the UK I would suggest any filtered bottled water you can get; so long as it’s spring or as natural as possible.
      Best of luck and thanks for stopping by mythineats

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