Healthy, Quick and Delicious fixes for the Summer

Sorry, I haven’t been posting many recipes. It’s no excuse I have been really busy and also I have been pretty much living off of Fruit and fresh Salads as the weather here in Italy has been unbearably hot. I cannot remember a June that has had 32°C or 90°F weather. No, complaints on my part really…I love the summer in all it’s glory, but I doesn’t help the blog out any because instead of cooking I much rather be either tanning or under a cold shower. HA!

However, things that my body has been craving more than ever this year is fruit and lots of it; so my Husband and I have been going to the farmers market it actually is his house where he has a little stand and sells the fruit with his wife that they pick every day, they have a vast variety of fruits and vegetables we’ve been getting Cherries, Apricots, and Sugar Babies ( a small watermelon size of a cantaloupe ) as far as the fruit goes.They really do taste so much better than the ones you find at the supermarket it’s truly unbelievable.


These fruits are extremely good for you and they really help keep you hydrated, which in turn keeps you from swelling up with all this heat. Sometimes, I feel like a blow fish, it gets so humid and unbearably hot that I have to eat some watermelon or pineapple to help me de-bloat because water is just not cutting it.

Another thing that I like to make when its hot are these salads here:

Or the classic Caprese Salad, some red ripe Tomatoes, fresh Mozzarella and my home-grown Basil with just a drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and some Salt and you have yourself an amazing Lunch or Dinner. Fresh and hassle free.


Just remember that there are so many delicious fresh recipes that you can make that are so good for you and refresh the body rather than making you feeling heavy and bloated. Listen to your body and what it’s craving it’s the only ways you can get through these days. I will be posting some very delicious typical Italian recipes that are light and for Mythineaters….

Have a fantastic weekend and remember that these are just a few of the many summer cooking recipes to come.



10 thoughts on “Healthy, Quick and Delicious fixes for the Summer

  1. Isn’t it just the best and easiest time for eating! All that fresh produce (always direct from the producer or your own garden) and it needs so little doing to it 🙂

  2. We are the same way here in the southern USA…already in the high 80’s – 90 degrees F. TOO hot with our humidity! The fresh fruits and vegetables are available now, so we are doing the same thing to keep cool – using the outdoor grill, eating lots of grilled vegetables, and tons of fruit icy cold!

    • So delicious and nutritious. I sometimes can’t seem to believe how I get away from fruit on the winter. I still eat it but not really everyday and not with the same want.

      Thanks for stopping by mythineats and have a fresh fruit summer

  3. Looks great! I am in the same boat with not cooking! I go through SO MUCH fruit a week right now its ridiculous, a cantaloupe lasts maybe a day and a half when I’m home!

    • Yes, the same for us. My husband loves to pair his cantaloupe with prosciutto Di Parma…. I gave previously posted the recipe. Give a try if u like and let me know what u think.

      Thanks for stopping by mythineats

  4. Thank you so much for these “delicious fixes for summer.” And, I completely agree with your subtitle of your blog: “Who says you can’t eat and be thin too?” Beautiful blog!

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