Risotto alla Milanese – A typical Healthy Italian Dish

Oh, how I love the fall. Everything starts to turn into beautiful mustard-orange colors. The sun is still out except that you can finally put on a little more clothes and wear those cute little sweaters and that gorgeous leather jacket. You can actually sleep comfortably with a comforter. And you can start eating warmer foods again and break out the red wine.

With that being said; there are just some things that you can eat in the fall/winter that you might not want to eat in the summer and vice versa. And sometimes it’s hard to not go overboard especially when you’ve waited the whole summer to indulge in some of your favorite dishes. But we must remember that it’s still nice out and you might still fit in a day or two at the beach, so try to indulge lightly. I for instance always choose the healthiest and yummiest. I like to indulge on things such as this dish for instance. It’s perfect because it gives you all the inside warmth you need but it’s so simple that you don’t have to give up on anything. You don’t feel guilty after eating it and you certainly can’t find one thing unhealthy in it….and that’s the most important part of it all.

Yes, break open a bottle of red wine and indulge in this delicious risotto. Enjoy!

Ingredients:Serves 2

200gr. Rice, I used Arborio for risotto

1.5 qt. Vegetable broth

1 Shallot , small and chopped finely

1 tsp. Powdered Saffron

3 tbsp. Extra Virgin Olive oil

¼ cup Parmigiano Reggiano, Grated

Make sure that your Vegetable broth is simmering.

Chop your shallot finely. Grab a large sauce pan put over medium heat add the E.V.O allow to heat and add the shallot & cook until lightly golden.

Add the rice & mix well with the shallot, then slowly add some of the broth enough to cover the rice, mix; allow to cook 5 minutes then add more broth, continue to repeat this process until you have finished the broth should take about 15 minutes.
Add the saffron cook for another 5 minutes. You want the consistency of the risotto to turn out just perfect, not to dry it still needs to be a bit moist, so if there is too much liquid continue to cook just a bit, and if it’s too dry add some more broth or water.
Turn off heat add your Parmigiano and mix thoroughly. Serve warm.

*Follow rice cooking instructions on the package and regulate yourself with the broth that way.



8 thoughts on “Risotto alla Milanese – A typical Healthy Italian Dish

  1. oh! so true this risotto surely looks soooo yummy! and specially when cook with desire passion and love just the way you do it, amazing…….you can taste all those ingredients right inside the food because thats what you put in it .. wonderful! those ingredients make you a wonderful cook.

    • Thanks Mom. I learned to cook with love from you. And our conversations about cooking are some of the best memories I’ve brought to life through my cooking. I love you.

    • You know what this risotto took all about 20-30min there wasn’t a whole lot of prep work and it’s a good dish to practice with if you haven’t quite perfected the risotto skills because its all so simple. You must try it or even concot a dish of your own and let me know.

      Happy cooking and thanks for stopping by mythineats

      • Sounds like a simple (and possibly deadly) recipe to mess up, despite its simplicity. I’ve watched a ton of cooking shows and tasted many variations of Risotto. From my experience, the trickiest part is cooking every grain of rice and even the best chefs screw it up.

        Despite all that, once I have a perfected my own variation I’ll let you know for sure. No problem and hopefully you’ll drop by my page sometime as well. Take care!

      • Yes. Cooking every grain and not overcooking is so key. My trick is to start off with a large saucepan and cook it there this way all the rice lays flat and cooks evenly.


  2. Looks good! Risotto is so warming and comforting dish in cooler weather indeed. It’s also quite versatile – I recently made it with pesto and that was yummy too. Nice change to pasta!

    • A very nice and delicate alternative to pasta. It’s also very filling so it’s great when using portion control or trying to eat less but still feel satisfied.

      Thanks for stopping by mythineats

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